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Monday 8-25-14 Recap!



Old ladies getting it on with younger men.  In gang bangs.  IN GANG BANGS.  Holy God...  Showtime has a documentary series called "7 Deadly Sins".  And if you're not watching it, you're missing out BIG TIME.  Or maybe you'll be GLAD you're missing out.  This week's episode was about lust, and featured a 78-year-old woman named Shirley who seems like a run-of-the-mill grandma type . . . until she starts explaining why she recently got into GANGBANGS.  She says she's done FOURTEEN of them since 2008.  Then she shows off a tattoo around her right NIPPLE that says, "Gangbang Queen."  In her words, quote, "If you taste a new ice cream and you like it, you don't just have it once."  You can check out the clip online, which also includes a 91-year-old woman named Marge, talking about how she's been getting it on with a guy named Kyle . . . who looks to be in his 30's, but only likes old ladies.


I'm not sure there's ANY amount of training that could prepare someone for falling off a cliff . . . but this might be close.  21-year-old Dylan Scheutz of Idaho Springs, Colorado is a GYMNAST.  And a few weeks ago, he was hiking with a few friends, tripped . . . and fell off a 100-foot cliff.  And as he was free falling . . . his gymnastics training kicked in.  According to one of his friends, quote, "He spotted his landing and then kind of did a front flip over himself."  Dylan stuck the landing . . . sort of.  He landed on his feet, and wound up with two broken legs, two broken ankles, and a punctured lung . . . but he SURVIVED.  And he says his gymnastics training is the only reason he's alive right now.  He's still in the hospital and has had two surgeries so far.  His mom says his doctors expect him to make a full recovery . . . and he'll be able to keep doing gymnastics. 


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