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Monday 8-11-14 Recap!

Did you catch our pal Dave Andelman of the Phantom Gourmet on the show this morning?  If not, check it out:  we are going to be doing a Mantown Film Festival on September 6th and the Mendon Twin Drive-In.  

Click HERE to cast your vote for which flicks you'd like to see. 

Click HERE to purchase tickets!  Only $25 for a car with six people or less!  


We had another riveting edition of MASSHOLE THEATER today... 


You have likely seen the crash video from over the weekend where Tony Stewart hit and killed sprint car driver Kevin Wade Jr. while on a track in NY.  Even though you have likely seen the video by now, I refused to post it on our fb page this morning, and I won't post it here.  There are plenty of sites with links if you really want to see it.


Watch more news videos | Latest from the US


Also on today's show:

How did SAM SUNG get a job at APPLE?

NJ wife ruins it for everyone.

Taxi drivers in CA feel like new legislation aimed at ensuring they have certain English and math skills is unfair.



Tomorrow on the show - CRAZY RON EMMA from Emma's Pizza will be LIVE in studio!  Our bar pizza saga continues...