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Monday 7-14-14 Recap!

It's a penis in the clouds. One woman driving down the highway in England spotted this bad boy and decided to put it out over the interwebs.  

More here.  (Photo:  BPM Media)


This hot mess of a married-with-kids 30-something-year-old was banging a 12-year-old boy.  What?  Wait... WHAT?  I know we always talk about teenage boys and how they are probably high-fiving over the sex with the older woman, but TWELVE?  Ehhhhhhhhhh...

(Photo:  Marion County Sherriff)


The President hit up a BBQ joint in Texas that's known for two plus hour wait times.  He cut the line.  Womp womp.


Hey, if you got taken by this OITNB cancellation hoax over the weekend, shame on you.  Anytime you see a story like this that tracks back to only ONE source, check out the original site.  Chances are, it's satire!  ;)


Speaking of TV, did you catch the Season 2 premiere of Ray Donovan last night?  I haven't watched it yet.  What did you think of it?


A dude from Quincy jumped into the shark tank at the aquarium on Friday.  Nice work, dude.  The story reminded me of this throwback commercial, which you have to be a certain age to appreciate.


Also on today's show:

Boy pointing toy gun out car window causes three-car crash

Woman sleepwalks out window 50 ft. up

Noose found in Worcester post office.  BECAUSE THE MAIL NEVER ENDS... GET IT?