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Monday 6-6-14 Recap!

Imagine this... you're a parent, and your kid is a little... "disturbed," shall we say.  She writes some dark, disturbed things in a journal... maybe struggles a bit with some mental issues.  One day, you come home and your kid is waiting for you with a knife and attacks you.  You can't quite figure out why she is wearing a white mask though.  Then, months later, you hear about two girls in Wisconsin who stab their friend nearly to death in order to appease the Slender Man.  Then you see a picture of Slender Man and his white face.  Then it clicks.  


A guy in CT (not "the guy in CT who told me that") was shooting some video over a beach last month using a drone.  He's a drone hobbyist.  One woman on the beach, 23-year-old Andrea Mears, was not happy to be captured on video, and she lets the guy know.  He pulls out his iPhone to capture the assault and screams for help.  Hilarity ensues.  




Also on today's show:

The President is being criticized for chewing gum during a D-Day remembrance ceremony in France.




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