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Monday 6-23-14 Recap!

Ahhh Monday, time once again for another visit to Masshole Theater!


And since the stream and the app were messed up all morning (our apologies!), here are some other podcasts you may have missed:


Billy Hogan, CCO of Liverpool FC

Inside The Simple Male Mind


Women's soccer star and certified MINX HOPE SOLO was ARRESTED this weekend after she allegedly assaulted her sister and her nephew during a wild party at her house outside of Seattle.  Police were called to the home around 1:00 A.M. on Saturday morning after receiving a 911 call that a woman was, quote, "hitting people."  When they got there, Hope appeared to be intoxicated and upset, and her sister and 17-year-old nephew had VISIBLE INJURIES.  She was arrested on two counts of misdemeanor domestic assault.  She's being held without bail, and will appear in court this morning.  Hope is a two-time Olympic gold medalist who currently plays pro soccer for the Seattle Reign.  She's one of the top female goalies in the WORLD, but she's also TROUBLE . . . which makes her even SEXIER.  She made headlines when she claimed in her autobiography that her "Dancing With the Stars" partner MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY SLAPPED her during rehearsals.  And in 2012, she got into some kind of altercation with her boyfriend, former NFL star JERRAMY STEVENS.  He was arrested but released the following day due to lack of evidence.  The next day, Hope MARRIED him, and they're still together.  Hope also accused former coach Greg Ryan of shoving her during an argument at the 2007 World Cup.  And she started beef with former women's soccer star BRANDI CHASTAIN, over Brandi's allegedly negative commentating during the 2012 Olympics.



Earlier this month, someone in Rogue River, Oregon stole a pet rabbit from a PRESCHOOL.  Which is about as heartless as it gets.  The rabbit's name is Amos, and the kids were obviously devastated.  Luckily, the population of Rogue River is only about 2,000 people.  So EVERYONE heard about it.  But after almost a week, Amos was still missing.  Then a homeless man named Ralph Rowden came into the picture.  Five days after the rabbit disappeared, Ralph was looking through a trashcan behind the local library.  And when he lifted up a bag of cans, he saw Amos sitting in a box underneath it.  Ralph says even HE had heard about Amos at that point, and immediately brought him back to the preschool.  He ended up getting a small cash reward for it, but says the thank you card that the kids made for him meant even more.  In fact, it's the first thank you note he's ever received. 



Is it even worthwhile to throw an insanely expensive and over-the-top birthday party that your 1-year-old won't even remember?  KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST think so.  Because they created an event they called KIDCHELLA for their daughter North's first birthday party this weekend.  It included a ferris wheel, performers on two stages, teepees, hair braiding, face painting and temporary tattoos.  Guests included CIARA and LALA ANTHONY with their kids.   The event was held in KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN'S backyard, and JADEN SMITH was one of the performers.  There were also snow cones and cotton candy machines . . . and custom Yeezus T-shirts were given out as party favors.  KHLOE KARDASHIAN caused a little controversy by wearing a Native American headdress . . . pictures of which ended up on Instagram.







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