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Monday 6-16-14 Recap!

This can't be real, right?  This was Greg's son Breese's Father's Day card to him:

Dads, did you get anything ridiculous this year, as per usual?  


Today's edition of MASSHOLE THEATER!


IF you are a party girl in real life, are you a party girl in death?  This woman was.  Her daughters had the funeral home set up a scene where her family and friends could celebrate her life.  

Remember the dead guy that was positioned STANDING with his CANE?  Yup, same funeral home.  

Christopher Mitchell is a heavier fellow.  450 lbs to be specific.  He was a passenger in a car that got pulled over in Florida recently.  He told the police officer he couldn't wear his seat belt because he's so large, but the cop noticed that he and the driver both appeared nervous, so he decided to search the car.  The officer brought a drug dog over who hit on Mr. Mitchell, and it was discovered that he was hiding an ounce of pot in his fat rolls.  No word on whether they found his lost remote...

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It's hard to put a price tag on all the GOOD stuff dogs do for us . . . like keeping us company, giving us a reason to go on walks, and protecting us by barking at EVERYTHING.  But we can put a price on all the BAD stuff they do.  According to a new study, the average dog does $392 worth of damage to stuff around the house every year.  Making them the MOST destructive pet you can own . . . unless you've got a water buffalo in your apartment or something.  The second most destructive pet is a cat, but they didn't give a dollar figure.  And the pet that causes the LEAST amount of destruction is a guinea pig.  Although a fish has to be right up there too.


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