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Friday Recap!

We wrapped up another season of Thursdays With Thorty this morning.  Shawn Thornton gave us his thoughts on losing the series against the Canadiens.  Lots of people are calling for change within the organization.  Greg asked Thorty if he would take a pay cut to finish out his career in Boston.  Is he willing to?  Find out here:


This guy in Ohio was stopped for running a red light, and the cop lets him out of the ticket because he has a "Bad Motherfucker" wallet from Pulp Fiction.  


It's pretty much never ok to grab a kid by the face if you're a teacher... like, EVER, right?  Someone should tell this woman.  She was suspended for 10 days (which is basically an early vacation since there were only 10 days left of school when it happened.)  Parents in Hancock County, Ohio are PISSED.


We spoke with Satchel of Steel Panther this morning about the upcoming Boch-kini Pool Party on 5/26, and about their current tour.  Find out what he has planned for shenanigans at Ernie's house by checking out the podcast.  


Former New England Patriot Reche Caldwell was caught with a bunch of Molly on his person... 4.8 pounds of it to be precise.  Reche's not looking too great these days...  (Photo:  Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office)

We had to go inside the warped female brain.  A male listener texted us yesterday and wanted to know what women would prefer:  mind-blowing sex with a guy you know is going to cheat, or adequate sex with a guy you know WON'T cheat.  I said that it largely depends on what stage of life the person is in.  Mind-blowing sex with a douche bag in your 20's is fine, because you're not looking for lifelong commitment.  And you can train someone who is not super great in the sack to get better.  Check out the podcast to see what our female listeners had to say!


We'll be back Monday with another edition of MASSHOLE THEATER!