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Friday Recap!

So much stuff to go over today!  I'll just lay it out for your viewing/listening pleasure!


This guy was found naked in the electronics section at a Walmart in S.C.  When he was arrested, he blamed his behavior on the meth he bought, which he thought was going to be ECSTASY.  Fantastic.  


A woman in Houston calls the cops on kids robbing a house on her street.  She answers a news reporter's questions, but wants to remain anonymous, so the photographer tilts the camera down.  The original video, which was shot by former AAF'er Gregg "Opie" Hughes (of O&A fame) was removed, but there are other versions floating around YouTube.  


This woman got plastic surgery to look better in her selfies.  And on Skype.  And online.  Everyone is losing their mind over this story, but I don't see how this is different than any other facial plastic surgery in general.  If it makes her feel better, whatevs.  




Other things we discussed today:

Taco Bell is going upscale

Jesus on a pancake?  Settle down.  

Pregnant woman kicked out of Planet Fitness.  It never ends.  


Well talk to you Monday!  Masshole Theater!


Blog list image:  Flickr/Kid Clutch