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Friday Recap!

Road rage.  You've likely had it.  You've likely also dealt with a tailgater.  (And... to be fair... you likely have dealt with some idiot who won't MOVE OUT OF THE LEFT LANE.)  This video satisfies all of those criteria.  It's from Florida... enjoy. 


Wanna know if someone really loves you or not?  In case they're just using you for your sweet, sweet body?  Here's a simple test - just yawn in front of them.  If they yawn back . . . they love you.  You know how yawning is contagious?  A study out of Italy found yawning is especially contagious between people who love each other.  So if you yawn in front of your parents, your grandma, your siblings, and hopefully your significant other . . . they should yawn back.  and the quicker they yawn back, the tighter the relationship.  That being said . . . the people behind the study say it's not 100% accurate.  So if you yawn and your boyfriend doesn't yawn back, that's not an offense worth dumping him over . . . it's just one failed test. 


A 34-year-old guy in England named Lee Roberts is on trial right now for a 2012 car crash that left one person dead, and another paralyzed.  And the whole thing was allegedly caused by a sandwich.  Or technically, five of them.  On September 14th, 2012, Lee stopped at a gas station to get some breakfast.  And apparently he's a huge breakfast guy, because he bought three breakfast sandwiches, plus two egg-salad sandwiches.  Then he got back in his van.  And in the time it took him to drive about two miles . . . he ate all five of them.  But while he was finishing the fifth one, he started choking, and let go of the steering wheel.  Or at least that's what he originally said happened.  Because now he's changed his story, and claims the sandwich had nothing to do with it, and he just blacked out.  He's charged with "death by dangerous driving."  And if he's found guilty, he could face up to 14 years in jail. 


Would you be creeped out if random messages started showing up on your television screen?  What if they were TARGETED at you?  One family in Indianapolis says they are being terrorized by their cable box!   Watch the report here:


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