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Friday Recap!



The case of Kurt Cobain's death has been closed for some time now, and even in light of this story, will remain closed despite Seattle police receiving at least one request a week to re-open the case. A Cold Case Detective, Mike Ciesynski, decided to take another look at the evidence in the case, given the 20th anniversary of Cobain's death.  When he reviewed the evidence, he found 4 rolls of 35 mm film that contained photos of the crime scene but had never been developed.  So the police decided to take a closer look, and have released these photos of the scene.  They, however, have remained convinced that this was indeed a suicide, and will leave it at that.   

(Photos:  Seattle Police Department)



Miley hit up Babe's Cabaret in New Orleans the other day.  Naturally, she was hanging out in the VIP area.  Naturally, her face was in a stripper's boobs and a stripper's face was in her ass.  NATURALLY THERE IS VIDEO.  Check out the evidence here.  


If you have a foot fetish, apparently you have to be creative in your pursuit of sweet, delicious feet.  On Monday, a guy approached a 35-year-old woman at a Walmart in in Lincolnton, North Carolina.  From the surveillance footage, he looks like he was channeling a Cliff Huxtable vibe . . . African-American, khakis, ugly sweater.  He told the woman he was a podiatry student, and somehow got her to try on shoes in the shoe department.  But as he helped her into a pair . . . he suddenly put her foot in his mouth and started licking her toes.  The woman pulled her foot out of his mouth and ran to tell security, but the guy took off.  Now police are trying to track him down. 


It's nice to see government officials willing to sacrifice for their community.  And if you're a woman, you'll understand what a huge sacrifice THIS is.  Since 2008, Stu Rasmussen has been mayor of Silverton, Oregon.  And he's america's first transgendered mayor.  Stu still identifies as a man most of the time, but he has breast implants, wears women's clothing, and sometimes goes by the name "Carla Fong."  And like a lot of women, he's very into shoes, and has quite a few of them.  Like, a Carrie Bradshaw amount.   Since transitioning, Stu has bought hundreds of pairs of high heels.  And now he's putting them to good use.  To raise money for his town, stu is selling off his high heel collection, and says all the profits will go to fund things like the community pool and local senior center.  He's selling most of them at a local thrift store, but also listed a pair on eBay as a collector's item for $10,000.  We'll see if they sell.  According to Stu, he has a wide variety.  Quote, "I've got all day shoes.  I've got eight-hour shoes, two-hour shoes, 30-minute shoes, and 'come over here and look at my shoes' shoes." 


Remember in high school, when you'd catch a glimpse of another guy's junk in the locker room?  Don't worry Cletus, we're not questioning your masculinity.  According to a new study from the University of Brighton in England, every guy in every locker room has checked out every other guy's genitalia.  The author of the study wrote that men check each other out, quote, "irrelevant of sexuality . . . they look as a gauge to see how big or small they are, comparing themselves to the rest of the team or men."  The study also found that guys with larger junk actually got more respect from teammates than men with smaller junk. 


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Be suspicious if you get a birthday card from your girlfriend's ex.  BE VERY SUSPICIOUS.

NOT Danielle from the future.

I'm sorry sir, you'll have to make that one sauce last.


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