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Friday Recap!

Mayor Marty Walsh joined us in the 8 o’clock hour.  When asked about later closing times for bars, the Mayor said that there will be a task force put together to explore the possibility of extending closing times at “some” establishments.  It would apply to downtown bars, and not necessarily neighborhood establishments.  Yesterday, the Governor announced that starting March 28th, late night service will resume on select lines on the MBTA.  On Saturdays and Sundays (read: Friday and Saturday nights), the T will run until 3:30am.

The controversy over whether to allow a gay group to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Southie still swirls.  Mayor Walsh said that his people are still trying to work out the details to have a group march, but we are getting down to the wire. 

With regard to the Marathon hearings being moved to Washington D.C., the Mayor stated that he requested that the date of the hearing be moved to the 22nd, out of respect to the victims, survivors, and their families.  He said that some people are making it about themselves and politicizing the issue, when that is not the case at all.  Check out the whole interview here

Did you read the piece on Marty’s mom in the Boston Herald today?  Check it out if you haven’t.  The Mayor wanted to clarify that his mother does not actually do his laundry or dust at his home.  Jury’s still out on that one. 


People had lots of complaints to the FCC about the Super Bowl.  A bunch of them have hit the Internet, and the highlights include the people who were trying to create a NIPPLEGATE:  PART TWO, by whining about seeing the naked chests of Red Hot Chili Peppers Anthony Kiedis and Flea.  Here are some of the complaints:

"I found it indecent that I had to see [their] nipples.  Both men and women should have to wear shirts.  There are children watching!!!"

"How is it okay for male performers to perform shirtless showing both nipples, yet you sanction nipple-showing by Janet Jackson?  That's sexism."

"This person named Anthony Kiedis was naked to the waist . . . (spelled W-A-S-T-E) . . . thrusting his pelvis, saying that 'what he got he got to give it, put it in you.'   He's clearly talking about his penis.”

"I'm shocked and offended . . . [by] this filth.  First Janet Jackson talking about breasteses, then Paul McCartney talking about marijuana, then Bruno Mars talking about my penis, now Anthony Kiedis talking about his penis.  Stop this now!"

Other complaints targeted the innuendo in the ads, some of which didn't even air during the Super Bowl.  Plus, there were also people who were upset about their cable going out.  Check more complaints out here.  


There have been rumblings for years about super gonorrhea.  It's a strand of gonorrhea that's adapted to the antibiotics we've thrown at it, and has become drug-resistant and permanent.  But here's a twist.  Some people think incurable gonorrhea could make marriage cool again.  Because ever since research stopped AIDS from being an automatic death sentence, people have been less worried about STDs, which led to the modern hook up culture.  But what if STDs like gonorrhea that used to be easily curable suddenly weren’t so curable, and everyone's running around with superbug-encrusted genitals? People would stop having random sex with random people.  Then, since people still want to have sex, they'll jump into committed relationships and marriages younger, where they know the sex is safe.


Also on today's show:

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White Guilt Segment of the Day - would you students rather be slaves or factory workers?  Slaves.  Why?  Free food.  

Someone is selling Paul Walker's sunglasses online.  The ones he died in.  Sigh.  


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