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Friday Recap!

It happened mid-show, but we know you all miss having former New England Patriot Matt Light on the show.  Matty called in this morning to chat and to talk about a charity event he is doing.  Check out the podcast here if you missed it.


This is a hell of a way to learn your girlfriend is a prostitute and a liar, not to mention that your dad is a raging pervert.  A few years back, a 70-year-old man in northern Italy hired an escort.  And when she showed up, his prostitute turned out to be . . . His 40-year-old son's girlfriend.  She'd been telling everyone she was a waitress, so no one had any idea she was secretly a prostitute.  And obviously . . . No one was particularly happy to find out.  Since then, the son broke up with his girlfriend and has been in a massive fight with his father.  This story just came out because the son decided to sue his dad for damages over what went down.  They were just in court and a judge tried to get them to reconcile . . . But they weren't having it, so the lawsuit is still on. 


Here's why real men don't follow fashion trends.  If we DID, right now we'd all be trying to look like Mr. Peanut.  According to the "New York Times", the newest men's fashion trend is . . . wearing a monocle.  Yes, hardcore hipsters aren't wearing super thick glasses anymore . . . now they've switched to wearing just one lens attached to a string.  They're even getting prescription monocles, so they're not just for show.  A British trend expert says the monocle is coming back thanks to a subset of hipsters he calls, quote, "the new gents."  They also wear things like tweed blazers.  Quote, "All of this is part of a sense of irony and a way of discovering and displaying old artisanal and craft-based technology." 


Dear Katarina Short... it's never ok to leave your 5, 4, and 1-year-old children home alone.  EVER.  This breaks my heart.  Kudos to this little boy for acting so responsibly. Clearly his mother can't.


A registered sex offender in Oklahoma City has been arrested after acting inappropriately.  Police received a call that a man went to retrieve his mail, naked, so they went to speak with him.  They told him to knock it off, but decided to do a little surveillance on the home from down the street.  A short time later, a 14-year-old male walked down the street, and Hillard Stallings is alleged to have opened his door and, while still naked, thrust his hips at the boy while wagging his junk at him.  Hot freaking mess.  I can't.  Here he is:


Other things for your listening pleasure:


Facts Schmacts


And for your viewing pleasure:

Wife exposes husband and his mistress at Walmart.  

Mayor Walsh is giving a speech today, during which he will propose keeping bars open until 3:30am.  

Gainsville PD wants to know who is peeing on people.  Because Florida. 



We're off Monday because Greg has to go hang out with a dude half his age (Gronk) so we'll talk to you on Tuesday!  Have a great weekend.