Friday Recap!

Did you wish the big guy a happy 5-0?  We got several calls this morning to check in with LB.  Can Man did not disappoint with his rousing rendition of happy birthday during his call in the 9 am hour.  His arch nemesis, Gary the Can Man, called right after to attempt a few notes, but it paled in comparison to Michael P. Mahon's performance.  We also heard from LB's former teammate, Boston Bruins President Cam Neely.  


Our pal Sue Costello joined us during the 8 o'clock hour.  Sue is doing a show at Florian Hall tomorrow night and you should DEFINITELY haul your ass over there if you haven't seen her act.  She's a riot and we love her... a great local DOT gal with so many stories to tell.  Check out the podcast here if you missed her.  She does tell a story at the end about Nacho, one of Mark Wahlberg's buddies (whom you may know from the show WAHLBURGERS), and after she left, Nacho called in with HIS side of things.  


Man... it's tough being a parent.  I mean, where are you gonna put your kid while you drink???  A 21-year-old woman was trying to have a couple of cocktails at Stars in Hingham, and the pesky bartender refused to serve her because she had a 2.5 month old baby with her.  THE NERVE.  So what did she do?  Put the kid in the car in freezing temps and goes BACK into the bar for more.  Effing people.  I can't.  Here's the Fox 25 report on the situation.  


43-year-old Keith Lukas has been arrested after calling 911 nearly 3,000 times to COMPLAIN because he doesn't like the cops.  Priceless.  


A man in Illinois has been bringing his tiger to a bar.  It was on a leash.  What?


Before you go, a few other things you may have missed:

Mountain lion sighting in Winchester

Even the guy touring with Bigfoot doesn't think he's real

Justin Bieber's dad, Jeremy, has split from his long-time girlfriend Erin Wagner.  


Have a great weekend!