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Friday Recap!

Well, the Mayoral controversy has been squashed.  Marty Walsh joined us this morning to apologize for dusting us on our regular segment, and said that "something new" would be launching today.  So we'll see!


Say your woman gets you a make out pillow to practice on for Valentine's Day.  Is that weird?  Would you be offended?  We had a guy email us this morning and said that his girlfriend bought him this and gave it to him before today because she was going to be out of town.  Check it out... it's basically a CPR dummy face (seriously) cut off and stitched to a pillow. Here's our take on it.


Speaking of V Day... lots of people are really bitter this year.  There's a guy in Shanghai, China who's only been identified as "Up" . . . and it's his goal to ruin a lot of people's Valentine's Day.  Last year, he got dumped by his girlfriend after they saw a popular Chinese movie called "Beijing Love Story".  And this year, there's a popular movie theater in Shanghai showing it tonight . . . and he bought EVERY OTHER SEAT.  It's one of those theaters that has assigned seating.  And since he bought every other seat, couples can't sit together.  Of course, since all the seats will be empty, they could just move together . . . but maybe the ushers won't let them?  It's not exactly clear what the point of this mission is . . . it seems to be somewhere at the intersection of wanting to pull a massive prank and being super bitter. 


Things might get a little interesting at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in April . . . because Courtney Love says they have her sitting at the same table as former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl.  She tells "Access Hollywood" that she expects it to be "awkward,” but she insists that she'll be chill, because she's no Yoko Ono.  Courtney and Dave have butted heads many times over the use of Nirvana's catalog.  But two years ago, things got personal when Courtney publicly accused Dave of hooking up with her teenage daughter, Frances Bean.


It's a little old, but we're just seeing the viral video of the Australian man who was freaking out on the train, asking the woman next to him if she is God.

Other stories to busy yourself with:

A professional Tiger Woods impersonator has been arrested for harrassing his girlfriend.

Kenny Powers is going to supply the voice of KITT in the KNIGHT RIDER movie.  

A breeder in TN has created werewolf cats.  Le sigh.  


Have a great weekend!  We will see you Tuesday!