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Friday Recap!

This is going to be a Bieber-free recap.  You’re welcome.


We introduced a new game this morning.  No doubt you are familiar with LB’s (lack of) attention to detail and accuracy, and his trademark phrase “facts schmacts.”  That very phrase spawned a game.  Check it out here


Co-ed Naked Yoga.  It’s not a shirt from the early 90’s.  It’s something happening in Manhattan.  Bold & Naked is a yoga studio that will be offering clothing optional classes.  Many people are igged out by it, but the true yogis are really excited because they can experience their highest levels of clarity without being restricted by those damn clothes.  The studio wants to remind you that this is not a place for pervs.  Would you participate in naked yoga?  Comment below. 


News broke yesterday that legendary Boston news anchor Chet Curtis had passed, so Bob Lobel wanted to come on with us today.  LB is going to be appearing on Lobie’s show “Sports Legends of New England” on Sunday on WBIN tv.  I’m sure LB will be dressed in his television finest.  (Read: tee-shirt.)  


Other things we discussed:

How do you feel about the taxpayer cost of some of the President and VP’s vacations last year?  

Is your penis skin worth $4 million?  It was for one Alabama man.  

Have you seen "The Wolf of Wall Street?"  If your answer was yes, then would you like to see Margo Robbie pose for Playboy?  Hef would.


Heads up – on Monday, we will speak with James Hetfield from Metallica about the DVD release of “Through The Never” this coming Tuesday.  We’ll also play Title Fight with Mike Hsu at 9:35!  Sadly, we will be sans LB, as he has to head back to California for more head testing.  He’s slated to be back Thursday.  Feel free to comment below with your predicted actual return date.  Have a great weekend! 


LB will be at the Beer Summit Winter Jubilee at the Park Plaza Castle tonight from 6-8pm.  Get your tickets here: