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Friday 8-8-14 Recap!

IS STEVE JOBS IN BRAZIL?  People have always been obsessed with the idea that famous dead people FAKED their deaths, and are living somewhere in secret.  From Elvis to Tupac to Andy Kaufman.  Here's the latest addition to the list.  Someone in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil posted a selfie online this week, that allegedly shows STEVE JOBS in the background.  He's thin and frail, like Jobs was right before he died from cancer in 2011, and he's in a wheelchair.  He's even wearing a black shirt, which Jobs always did.  It's hard to tell if it's the classic Steve Jobs black turtleneck though, because the guy has a NECK BRACE on.  The other problem is that he appears to be wearing a long sleeve shirt with an ugly FLORAL print underneath the t-shirt.  So is it Steve Jobs?  We're 99.999% sure it's not.  But hey, we're not discounting that last 0.001%, just in case.   (Photo:  reddit.)


This broad wants to give her cat away, so she put a video online of him to try to find him a home.  The problem?  He keeps attacking her.  Well... methinks that she and her kiddos have probably played with this little guy far too roughly, and that's why he feels he can act this way.  Regardless, Greg only cared about her teets.


Tuesday morning is the WORST time of the week . . . the glow of the weekend is gone, and next weekend feels SO far away.  But it looks like we've all finally figured out a way to power through.  A new survey found that people are most likely to SEXT on Tuesday mornings, between 10:00 A.M. and noon.  And the best theory is that Tuesdays are so boring, people need something exciting to make it through.  The survey also found people with iPhones send dirty texts and photos twice as much as people with Androids. 


Here's a fun math problem for you.  

Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer + African leaders + joke about whipping people = ?

Yeah.  That happened.


These two gems kept two girls, aged 5 and 10, in their trailer of filth for three years, while they played lots and lots and LOTS of World of Warcraft.


(Photos:  Orange County Sheriff's Office)


Also on today's show:

Man in Ohio shot by police after waving BB gun around in Walmart.

At least one of these Miss BumBum contestants is a man.  Right?  RIGHT? 

Laser show Facts Schmacts with LB today.