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Friday 7-25-14 Recap!

Heads up - there's a nice condo for sale in Austin, Texas.  Here's the description in the real estate listing:

Beautiful three story condo located in central Austin, backing up to a wooded greenbelt. This condo had several windows that overlook the gorgeous greenbelt that is full of large trees. The windows have custom plantation shutters. Each story has its own deck as well as its own central air/heat. The condo is also equipped with a central vacuum system.

The bathroom is pretty sweet, and has mirrors for days.  So I guess you shouldn't take the listing photos while you're nekkid.  WARNING:  PENIS AHEAD!  


The non-profit group Morality In Media has a problem with the trailer for the forthcoming movie edition of "50 Shades of Grey" and they say it incites violence against women.  Their statement:


Here's the trailer.  Do you think her being tied up encourages violence against women?  


Naked dudes break into restaurant.  Steal 60 burgers, 3 pounds of bacon, and 3 bell peppers.  Nom.


And did you see that a pregnant woman in labor couldn't cross the street to get to the hospital in L.A. because the street was blocked for the President's motorcade?  

Also on today's show:

If you can't find a babysitter when you wanna gamble, just leave the kids in the car.  

Doctors find sex toy stuck in woman's vagina... 10 YEARS LATER.

Drunk man run over by own truck.


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