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Friday 7-18-14 Recap!

By now, you're likely familiar with the developing details of yesterday's Malaysia Airlines crash, but if not, here's a brief for you:  What We Know About MH 17


Actor Jason Biggs tried to make a funny, but everyone got all sensitive on him.  He tweeted the following:

Too soon, Biggs.  Too soon.  

He followed up with this clarification (typical knee-jerk type tweet after being lambasted by trolls):

Then he took a deep breath and chilled out and threw this out there:

Oh, Larry.  


We had to go inside the simple male mind to figure out at what age (if any) it is acceptable for a man to use emoticons:


Did you see the crazy hole in Siberia?  WTF?


Also on today's show:

Are You Smarter Than A Comic Book Nerd featuring Larry from Larry's Comics

Water your lawn? $500 fine. Don't water your lawn? $500 fine.


Many people are criticizing the President for the way in which he approached the podium in advance of his addressing the Malaysia Airlines plane crash.  Does it bother you?  

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