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Friday 6-20-14 Recap!

Are you sick of wearing thongs and G-strings because they're just too BULKY, too conservative, and cover you up too much?  Here's your answer . . . besides just going commando.  Instead of a G-string, go with a C-STRING.  It's a relatively new type of underwear that just covers you in the front, loops between your legs, and covers a little of your crack.  There's no waistband . . . it holds itself in place thanks to a wire inside.  It's almost like a maxi pad . . . but way thinner, and stays in place on its own.   If you're having a hard time picturing it, check out the photos on Buzzfeed.  Just Google "The C-String Makes The Average Thong Look Like Granny Panties."  Just be careful . . . they're not quite safe-for-work.  We found them on sale in a bunch of different colors and patterns on Amazon for under $5 each.  Sounds cheap, but you're REALLY not getting a lot of material here. 


A guy in Bloomington, Indiana named Jeremiah Scales was arrested recently for selling synthetic marijuana out of his house.   His neighbors had been suspicious for a while, because they constantly saw people coming and going.  But they didn't have any proof . . . until they noticed THIS.  On the side of a nearby garage, someone had written "Drugs This Way" . . . with an arrow pointing to Jeremiah's HOUSE.  And apparently HE wrote it, so his clients could find the place.  Now he's in jail, and six other people were arrested too.  In January, he bragged on his Facebook page that he'd finally just gotten off probation.  It's not clear what he was on probation for.


You've got to be screwed up in the head to commit a felony just to inconvenience your ex.  That's exactly what this guy did.  26-year-old Zachary Milliren from Lake City, Washington knew his ex-girlfriend was flying from Seattle to Las Vegas on a Southwest flight on Wednesday morning.  So he called the airport with a BOMB THREAT, just for that flight . . . to try to get it delayed.  The police cleared all the passengers off the plane, took them back through security, and swept the plane for bombs.  Everyone checked out clean and the flight left less than two hours late.  Meanwhile, the cops easily traced the bomb threat to Zachary . . . and he was arrested for making a bomb threat and felony harassment. 


We didn't have time for this one,  but it's a feel good story:

In October 2012, a couple named Nathan and Erin Braun were camping at Tahoe National Forest in northern California.  And their five-year-old golden retriever, Murphy, ran off.  When they couldn't find her, they put fliers up everywhere, but still didn't have any luck.  And they had to face the fact that they might NEVER see Murphy again.  Until earlier this month, when someone spotted her at another campsite a few miles away . . . 20 MONTHS after she went missing.  So Nathan and Erin drove there and left Murphy's blanket on the ground, thinking she might be able to smell it.  And they were RIGHT.  Because on the very first night, Murphy showed up, laid down on the blanket, and went to sleep.  Someone was able to get her on a leash a few days later, and she was reunited with her family on Sunday.  No one's sure how she was able to survive so long in the wild.  Especially since she went through two winters there.  Tahoe National Forest is in the mountains.  It's about 40 miles from where the Donner Party got snowed in in 1846, and had to EAT EACH OTHER to survive. 


Every tried a cheeseburger in a can?  A caller mentioned this after LB started going on a tirade about foods in a can.  The tirade was sparked by a question about can openers during Facts Schmacts.  


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A father in GA is facing murder charges after leaving his son in a hot car all day because he forgot he was there.  Terrible accident?  Or completely inexcusable?  Weigh in here


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