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Cards For Danny

Danny Nickerson is five years old.  

He has an inoperable brain tumor




I can't even imagine how that word must ring in the ears of his parents... his family... 


And yet, here's this sweet smiling boy who turns six on Friday, 7/25.  And all he wants for his birthday is to get cards.  Lots and lots of cards.


So here's what I need you to do, AAF'ers.  Go out to the store.  Buy Danny a birthday card.  Grab a couple, give 'em to friends to fill out.  Make it cute.  Make it fun.  Make it whatever you want.  But whatever you do, make it happen today.  It will take minutes out of your day.  But it will make this kid's day.  I want to see updates on this story showing all the boxes, receptacles, bags, wheeled carts, whatever... all the things it took to hold all the cards that Danny gets for his birthday.  Let's make this happen!  


Slap on a stamp.  Send it to this address:

Danny Nickerson

P.O. Box 212

Foxboro, MA 02035


Share it, tweet it, facebook it, email it, text it, email it... whatever you have to do.  Get the message out.  


Follow Danny's mom on twitter.





PS - Just got word that Waxy O'Connor's Restaurant in Foxboro (121 Main St.), along with Hero Helpers of America, will be hosting a card party this Thursday, 7/24, from 4pm-7pm.  You can make your cards for Danny there if you like!  There will also be a dinner of chicken fingers, fries, and ice cream.  Please help spread the word!  :)