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Your boobs are just too big for that tank top, AND THIS FACILITY! 

A new survey found 64% of us have tracked down an ex on Facebook.  Which proves that th

38-year-old Meghann Foye is a writer who's never had kids.  And she has a new book call

The website released its annual list of the worst jobs in America.  And newspaper reporter came in first.  Their industry is just getting sla


After watching this man have simulated sex in a virtual reality suit, I can safely say I've seen it all.

In an age where every life event has sixteen events and parties associated with it (engagement, gender reveal, insemination, showers), I appreciate when people put effort into things.

We've all got at least a few friends who seem to be incapable of eating if they don't take a photo of their food and share it first.

What's your favorite cereal? If you're the typical American, it's... *drumroll please*

AC/DC has postponed the rest of their tour . . . and it's all because of singer Brian Johnson's health issue. 

"Alex, what is, 'who Ben Affleck snuck (sneaked?) onto Jimmy Kimmel's set?'"



You scared bro?

Let's ruin Valentine's Day by boiling it down to a bunch of numbers!  Here are 10 random stats about Valentine's Day, relationships, and love from a bunch of new surveys and studies.

Don't let people tell you the Super Bowl is in San Francisco this year.  It's in Silicon Valley, over an hour south of San Francisco.  And since pe

You guys know about my LOVE for anything TOTO-related. I mean, how can you NOT get excited about blessing the rains in Africa?