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This should make you feel totally secure in your relationship. 

Todd Orr was out for a hike in Montana on Saturday, and encountered a mother bear with her cubs in an open meadow.

This could seriously change your commute this morning . . .

There are lots of opportunities to use topical things to advertise your product or service. 9/11 is not one of them. 

Well, most communities are getting back into the swing of things with school this week.

Do you have a water bottle you refill every day and take to work or the gym?  And you p

This woman is doing NOTHING to tone down the stereotype about female drivers. If you ha

Actor Michael Caine wasn't always Michael Caine.  His birth name is Maurice Micklewhite

Many Cleveland residents reported seeing a UFO in the sky this past week. The object is described as a spinning black disc.

You've really got to be careful in this situation if you're not a professional... 

Did you guys see the video of the gator that was strolling across the golf course in Fl

Your boobs are just too big for that tank top, AND THIS FACILITY! 

A new survey found 64% of us have tracked down an ex on Facebook.  Which proves that th

38-year-old Meghann Foye is a writer who's never had kids.  And she has a new book call