Wednesday Recap!

January 8, 2014

MIKE MIKE MIKE MIKE MIKE!  What day is it?  It's the day Danielle's pipes almost burst!  Sorry for the late recap, kids... been dealing with home issues all day.  Good times.


We started the morning checking in with an old pal, former New England Patriot Matt Light.  He was heading out to Ohio to do a little bow hunting, but will be back in time for the Patriots to face the Colts in Saturday's second round NFL Playoff game.  Matty likes the Patriots chances here.  Greg remarked how "human" Matt sounded now that he's not under the Belichick regime.  Even though he was waiting for a flight at the airport, he obliged when Greg asked for a quick "MUSTACHE!"


There's controversy swirling over a new internet photo trend.  Remember the thigh gap?  Ladies were doing whatever they could to lose weight and create a gap between their legs?  Well the new craze is the bikini bridge.  That's when a chick lies down and the fabric on her bikini bottom stretches between her hip bones and creates a little bridge.  Critics feel this trend is helping to promote unhealthy body image amongst women.  Here's what a bikini bridge looks like, in case you missed my tweet earlier (slightly NSFW):  


Do you think Dennis Rodman is a traitor?  Son of a bitch is doing everything he can to help North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have a fantastic birthday celebration, but refuses to aid in any sort of diplomatic missions.  Thanks for playing along, Dennis.  You've been a fantastic envoy.  As astute caller pointed out that since we are not technically at war with North Korea, Rodman cannot be charged with treason.  So what are the charges for douchebaggery?  Rodman flipped his lid during an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo.  Here it is, if you missed it.  


There's a new show coming to Esquire Network called "Friday Night Tykes."  Everyone has his panties in a bunch over it, including the NFL.  The coaches of these 8-9 year old kids in Texas encourage them to use any means necessary to win on the football field.  Many people, including LB, were skeptical whether this was even real, but a couple of people who grew up in Texas texted in and said this is how football culture is in the Lone Star State.  Watch the preview, and let us know what you think:  FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES


Here are some other things we discussed:

The former Canadian Defense Minister argues that aliens are REAL.

Mantown is in crisis... there's a reported Velveeta shortage.  

3 Seabrook, NH police officers are on paid leave after this video surfaced of a 2009 incident involving them and a young man in custody.


Heads up for tomorrow, we'll be talking to New England Patriot Julian Edelman during The Hill-man Huddle at 7:05.  We will also be joined by our pal Dave Andelman of the Phantom Gourmet around 8am to talk about the upcoming Steak and Cheese Throw Down at Howl at the Moon on Monday January 13th!  Also, for you fans of Anchorman, The Office, and Waiting, we will be joined by actor/comedian David Koechner on Friday in the 8 o'clock hour!  


If you missed Matt Light today, you may as well wake your butts up and catch the replay at 5:30 tomorrow morning and stick with us for the rest of the show!