Wednesday Recap!

January 15, 2014

Ahhh, halfway through the week!  

We started off covering the epic douchiness that was the raid on Bieber's house yesterday.  88.6% of the internet was critical of the response by police to the egg-throwing situation between Justin and his neighbor the other night.  (Yes, I made that figure up.)  Sheriff's deputies showed up with eleven cruisers, many, many officers, and a battering ram.



A f*&$%ng battering ram?  

Yup.  A battering ram.  You know... in case they had to take a door out.  The Sheriff's Department held a press conference later in the day to try to explain why the response was so big.  A representative stated that because the damage to the neighbor's house was over $20k, it was considered a felony, and that they were "responding in the same way they would to any other case, eggs or not."  Sure.  Sounds reasonable.  Sadly, Biebs' buddy Lil' Za was hauled in on suspicion of cocaine possession.  You gotta hide that ish.  Authorities will review surveillance tapes taken from the home and try to determine whether there is any evidence of fowl play.  (GET IT?  FOWL?  EGGS?)  Somewhere, Aaron Hernandez is laughing his nuts off...


Are we rolling in money here in Massachusetts?  Because last I had heard, we were bordering on broke.  However, our fair Governor, in an attempt to stay ahead of the looming climate change (it's real people!), has created a $100,000 position for a state climatologist.

Yes. You read that correctly.  Six figures.  Comment below on your thoughts on hiring a state climatologist.  Educate yourself here.  


Finally, would you give everything up for a chance to move to Mars... permanently?  We have talked about the Mars One project before.  A group of Dutch scientists and engineers are trying to put together a crowd-funded initiative to populate Mars.  They received 200,000 applications for the project, and have narrowed it down to 1,000 finalists.  One man, Ken Sullivan of Utah, is now facing divorce because his wife (with whom he has four children) doesn't want to stand in the way of his dreams.  Would you go?  Comment below!


In case you missed it, here are some of the other topics we covered today: 

Did Kim Jong-Un execute his uncle because he was in charge of a 'pleasure brigade' of young girls for dictator's father?

Man sues Unilever for Close Up toothpaste's failure to make him more attractive to women.

People get antsy when you have too many items in the checkout lane.  Especially in FLORIDA.  


The Bruins have been having a bit of trouble as of late.  We'll talk to Shawn Thornton tomorrow morning at 8:15 during Thursdays with Thorty!