Tuesday Recap!

January 21, 2014

We were off yesterday, so there was plenty to catch up on today.


A mom in Texas is speaking out after she was told by a Victoria’s Secret employee that she could not feed her baby in a dressing room, and should consider using the alley outside instead.  Breastfeeding in public is always a hot-button issue, and we got a ton of feedback from callers, texters, and contributors on Facebook. The major themes from respondents were that women should be able to do it anywhere they want, women should be more discreet, and women shouldn't do it in public at all.  I mean, what other opinions are there, really?  You can check out the conversation here.  What is YOUR opinion about breastfeeding in public?  Weigh in down below in the comment section.  


LB had some exceptional contributions when we went inside the simple male mind today.  His explanation about why men scratch their nether-regions was particularly compelling.  


We talked about the beauty secrets that women hide from their men.  Yes, gents, some ladies do have toe hair, and they go to great lengths to hide it from you.  Unless you are married.  Then all bets are off.  I discuss them here.  


This morning we also talked about:

Nasal maggots are a thing now, and your kids might have them.  That's comforting.  

Three high school athletes have been suspended after parents complained that the "three-point" sign they were flashing in a photo looked like a gang sign.

Convicted killer Michelle Kosilek will still be able to have taxpayer-funded sex change surgery, thanks to a federal appeals court.


We're back tomorrow with all sorts of Wednesday goodness.  It's probably already Friday in LB's head.