Starbucks Clearly Hates Its Employees.

April 27, 2017

The Unicorn Frappuccino is SO April 22nd.  Now all the cool kids are going for a drink named after a DEADLIER mythical creature.

Apparently there's a new secret menu item at Starbucks called the DRAGON FRAPPUCCINO.  It's a mix of Green Tea Frappuccino, vanilla bean powder, and a berry swirl . . . so it makes your cup all green and purple and ready for Instagram.

There's no word on whether Starbucks will make it an official drink, but considering how popular the Unicorn Frappuccino was, they probably should. Especially if they want their employees to look like they just lost a game of paintball. 

Instagram... ruining baristas' lives since 2010.

109/365: I apologized profusely to my barista before ordering the basic AF #unicornfrappuccino - thankfully they were out of the ingredients and offered me something not only cooler and better tasting, but easier to make: the #dragonfrappuccino @starbucks #ionlyordereditbecauseitmatchesmyhair

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There is now a #DragonFrappuccino at #Starbucks? Fuck I hate white people!!! -- #CrowGarrett #photooftheday #love #KCCO #KeepCalmChiveOn

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A Starbucks created this to replace the unicorn frappuccino so we duplicated it and it's yummy!!! #dragonfrappuccino

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The #UnicornFrappuccino & #PegasusFrappuccino may be over, but at least I got the #MermaidFrappuccino (or #DragonFrappuccino if you had a pink drizzle)! I got lucky this week since my local #Starbucks had leftover ingredients and my baristas are awesome. -- -- -- But since you guys like @starbucks so much, how about a giveaway? $10 gift cards for two winners! Ends 4/29 9pm PT! -- -- -- How to enter: 1️⃣ Follow @eatwithkim 2️⃣ Tag a friend who loves #starbuckscoffee! (You can also tag more friends in one comment for bonus entries)

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Who has tried the #dragonfrappuccino ?

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