Mind = Blown

January 19, 2017

Is this a thing? DID YOU GUYS ALREADY KNOW ABOUT IT? Because it seems like a good chunk of the internet did. 

All the Disney Pixar movies are connected with Easter Eggs. (Which, if you're not in the know, are little unexpected nuggets hidden in movies or games.) Now, I don't know if I missed this because I don't have kids, or because I'm not paying attention, but now I'm fascinated. 

Check it out!

This reminds me: I've always loved spotting continuity issues in movies... like when a character's hair is different from one shot to another, or when objects go missing. 'Goodfellas' had a ton of continuity issues, my favorite being the moving around or disappearance of the kids' blocks on the table when Karen visits Henry in prison. Here are some of the other mistakes: