Men... Here Are the Four Categories into Which Your Junk Falls

May 2, 2017

Bad news, stud . . . no matter how much you think your junk carries with it a UNIQUE MAGICAL POWER, it's just as generic as everyone else's.

According to a urologist in New York, there are four different types of penises . . . and everyone falls into one of the categories.  And sure, they're different lengths and girths, but when it comes to the shape, the options are limited.


Here they are:

1.  The larger "head" than the shaft.

2.  The larger shaft, so it almost looks like it comes to a point.  This is the most common, by the way.

3.  A slight upward curve.

4.  A major curve.


That's it.  Your junk has just been marginalized by science. You're welcome.

(BTW, ladies, there are FIVE categories into which your vagina could fall. Read more on this HERE.)


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