Friday Recap!

January 17, 2014

It’s always a great start to the day to see LB’s face when he realizes that we have a day off on Monday.  Hey, it’s a federal holiday.  Don’t get your panties in a bunch.


Two sad deaths in the acting world yesterday:  Dave Madden, who played manager Rueben Kincaid on “The Partridge Family,” and Russell Johnson, who played The Professor on “Gilligan’s Island.”  They were 89 and 82, respectively.  Either that makes you feel super old, or you’re scratching your head and planning to ask your parents what shows those were.  Since we were talking about Gilligan's Island... we had to ask the most important question:  Mary Ann or Ginger?  It seems that our fb fans leaned toward Mary Ann, but comment below with who you'd choose!


Getting ready for Sunday’s Pats’ tilt vs. the Broncos?  We chatted with New England Patriot Logan Mankins about the upcoming game and asked him about the game.  He said that winning on the road is always difficult, and it all comes down to execution.  Greg asked if Logan was surprised that both the Broncos and the Seahawks banned ticket sales to outsiders, and Logan said that he didn’t have a problem with refusing the opposing fans.  Greg asked if the altitude was the biggest challenge, and Logan told us that it’s really the fan noise that causes the most problems.  We were able to confirm that Tom was back at practice yesterday, and since it was all over the news, Logan had no problem giving us the nod on that, per the Belichick handbook.  Catch Logan here if you missed it. We also spoke with Nate Solder.


Every year, the Mayors of the cities involved in championship and Super Bowl matchups place some kind of hokey bet with one another.  Mayor Walsh gave us a buzz today to go over what he and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock will be betting for Sunday's AFC Championship matchup between the Pats and the Broncos.  Marty promised to share some chili with us.  We're gonna hold him to it.  


Here are some of the other things we discussed:

Activists are up in arms that a new cocktail of lethal injection drugs was tested on an Ohio inmate that took 15 minutes to die.  

A Concord man is accused of attempting to sexually assault a woman during a hypnotism.  

The newest mannequins from American Apparel have created quite a stir.  Well... their pubic hair has.


We're off Monday to salute this man, so we'll talk to you bright and early Tuesday.  Well... most of us.  We'll see if LB makes it back from Denver.