Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin 7:47 PM


Gracie Curran and The High Falutin' Band

On Sunday February 2nd, 2014 Gracie Curran came into the WAAF studio with her guitarist from The High Falutin' Band, Tom Carroll to play a few songs and talk with Carmelita and myself on the WAAF airwaves. I've known Gracie Curran for years and love her tunes, and of course her voice. I've seen her play many times, but this night she had an energy that I've never seen her bring to a show. 

In her performance, Curran sang feet away from the mic. Her full, bluesy voice was so powerful I'm sure that the studio mics down at WEEI were picking up her voice. It is not surprising that her and her band were nominated for the 2013 Blues Act of the year. 

Gracie Curran and The High Falutin' Band are always playing shows in the Bay State area, so get out there and check them out.