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Watch The Official Trailer For "Super Troopers 2" Right Meow

Do yourself a favor and mark this date on your calendar: 04/20/2018. Because that is the day the geniuses behind the Broken Lizard cult classic Super Troopers , will be releasing the long-awaited sequel Super Troopers 2 . Mac, Thorny, Foster, Farva and Rabbit are back as members Vermont's finest to... Read More

Alex Lifeson Says That RUSH Is Over

If you are a die-hard RUSH fan, then you may want to sit down for this. In November 2016, drummer Neil Peart announced that he would be retiring from touring with the band due to health-related reasons. Despite Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson 's enthusiasm to continue touring and making music, it seems... Read More

Science Rocks: How Does A Guitar Create Sound?

The guitar is the mothership instrument for all of rock music. Whether it be from power chords to extended solos, the guitar produces the sounds that all bands big and small use to create the sounds that have allowed us to rock out since the late 1940's. But if you stop and think about it, how does... Read More

Listen To 10 Pop Songs Performed In The Style Of Korn

Korn has a very distinct style to their sound. With Jonathan Davis ' rage-infused vocals, the thundering drums and the screeching Nu-metal guitars, it's hard to find another band that sounds anything like them. Korn's catalogue of music often parallels their style: loud, weird, angry and abnormal... Read More

Marilyn Manson May Hire Johnny Depp As His Guitarist

Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp have been buddies for a long time. The actor recently starred in Manson's videos for "KILL4ME" and "SAY10," but now it would appear that The Pale Emperor in considering recruiting the musical talents of Captain Jack Sparrow himself. In a recent tweet, Manson asked... Read More