Hill-Man Morning Show

The Commercials of SB LII

Tide killed it. They absolutely killed the commercial game. It was like Inception, with laundry detergent. I didn't feel like this year was one of those usual crazy, one-up years when it came to commercials, but there were definitely some gems.

In case you missed any of the most popular commercials, here they are in no particular order:

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The Rudest Things You Can Do While Texting.

This morning, we discussed some of the biggest texting faux pas that are out there. It seemed to strike a nerve with some of you, and, frankly, I'M GLAD. Because any time one of these behaviors gets under my skin, I feel like I'm just being nitpicky. (Me? What? Never.) I was very happy to hear that a lot of you share my frustration with some of these offenses. (Full disclosure: I'm totally guilty of some of these acts at times, but some of them are just SAVAGERY.)

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The Great Space Saver Debate

It's winter again in the Commonwealth, and with that comes a heated debate which has been plaguing city residents all across our state: whose spot IS that anyway?

Do you *own* (at least temporarily) the parking spot that you take the time to shovel out? Or is it every man for himself?

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This Sounds Like a "Lotto" Trouble

There's been some lottery-related conflict in the news as of late, and I'm wondering your thoughts on a couple of things. Have you ever participated in a lottery pool at work? Do you have any kind of guidelines when you do, like a written agreement? Or is a verbal, "we agree to split this prize if we win" enough for you? Personally? I don't trust anyone. If Greg, LB, Hsu, and I went in on a scratchie together, I don't think I'd be super concerned.

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The Grinch Lives in Marblehead.

It's the holiday season. And many people choose to celebrate the holidays by decorating. People from all different backgrounds and all different religions put up decorations and lights to celebrate during December.

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Matt Lauer - FIRED by NBC News

News broke this morning via Jim Rutenberg, New York Times reporter, that Matt Lauer has been FIRED from NBC News. 

Andy Lack, NBC News Chairman, sent the following memo to employees:

"Dear Colleagues,

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A Computer Learned How to Solve Crimes by Binge Watching CSI

This feels like something straight out of science fiction, but it's real:  Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have trained a COMPUTER to SOLVE CRIMES.  And it's really good at it.

But the way they trained it is the best part:  They had it binge watch "CSI".

And after 39 episodes, the artificial intelligence started figuring out how to hunt for clues and process them, watch for suspicious body language, and recognize unusual behavior.

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Six Weird Things We Do But Don't Talk About

Someone asked 1,500 people about things lots of us do, but never talk about.  Some are boring, everyday things.  Some are gross.  And some are just weird.  Here are six questions, and how many people have done them . . .


1.  When you sit down to eat in front of the TV, do you ever delay eating until you've found something good to watch? 

     82% said yes.


2.  Before you use the bathroom, do you ever check behind the shower curtain to make sure no one's there spying on you? 

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Nutritionists Rank Halloween Candy From Best to Worst

Some nutritionists ranked Halloween candy from the best to worst for you.  They based it on things like calories and sugar grams . . . whether there's any protein or fiber to help keep you full . . . and how LONG they take to eat. 

Here's their list of nine candies, starting with the best . . .

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