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New York Giants cornerback Ross Cockrell (37) defends against Detroit Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay (19) on an incomplete pass in the first half during a NFL football game at MetLife Stadium.

NFL Ratings Could Cost TV Partners $200 Million

According to Business Insider , if low ratings for NFL games continue, it could cost the league's television partners around $200 million or more in earnings. The news comes after a dismal week one, which saw ratings drop an average of 13% from last season's opening round of games. A report from... Read More

Stone Temple Pilots Release Unheard Song "Only Dying"

Taken from the expanded reissue of their debut album Core , the Stone Temple Pilots have released the an unheard track from their early demos titled "Only Dying." The song was intended to be featured on the soundtrack to the 1994 film "The Crow," but was later scrapped after the untimely death of... Read More

Eyeballs for Sex's Sake!

Hola Bitcholas, Today we talked about death. We talked about poop yesterday, so why not death today? I'm not gonna go through all the different answers we heard today, but I wanna take this opportunity to express the "power of attraction". Case-in-point, a guy called in who used to be a security... Read More