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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Bows to General Ow

Hola, I forgot to do the blog today. Yeah, got sidetracked with, well, the show!!! It happens every-so-often. I know what you're thinking; "YOU were distracted BY the show?!? We couldn't tell because you sucked as bad today as any other day!" I know this. I'm only saying that I was distracted, not... Read More

15 Awful Rock N' Roll Jokes

Every August 16th is national "Tell A Joke" Day, where everyone should tell each other at least one joke. It doesn't matter if it's really good, really bad, or just gets a short "hehe," just as long as you have a sense of humor! RELATED: 4 Rock Stars That Got Absolutely Burned At Their Comedy... Read More

Texas Mother Asks to Reschedule Solar Eclipse for Her Kids

We are one week away from the solar eclipse, and I am seeing more and more viewing parties popping up on Facebook. Well, one of those invites has gone viral becuase a Texas mom didn't understand that we couldn't tell the universe to reschedule the universe. One Texas woman was concerned about the... Read More

Real-World Chaos Erupts In Green Day's New "Troubled Times" Video

If there was ever a moment when you decided to stop watching all of the insane, crazy, and horrible events that happen on the news, Green Day gives it to you all at once in their video for "Troubled Times" from their recent album Revolution Radio . What starts off as Billie Joe Armstrong singing... Read More
Robert Plant plays an outdoor live concert as ROBERT PLANT AND THE SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS

ANOTHER Teaser from Robert Plant Helps Piece the Puzzle Together

Robert Plant seems to have “A Way With Words” these days. But now he’s putting music to those words. Exhibit A: — Robert Plant (@RobertPlant) August 15, 2017 The nearly 30-second clip that lives on both his social media channels and website is one in a series of teasers... Read More